On October 11, 2017, Plex Systems employees came together to help Everlina, a homeowner in Oak Park, rebuild her home. Despite the torrential downpours that day, the volunteers came ready to complete the work scope which included cleaning the gutters, re-grading the sides of the home with dirt and grass seeds, cutting down backyard foliage, installing new handles on the back door, putting down concrete in the cracks in the driveway and front pathway, installing railing at the back steps, installing new plumbing fixtures and fixing the lighting in the kitchen.


Delphi Project Days 1 and 2:

In May, Delphi Technologies volunteers worked on two homes, one on May 10th and the other on May 18th. On May 10th, volunteers served Steven Haley, a Madison Heights homeowner with a disability and also of extremely low income. The repairs on his home included carpet replacement and removal, painting the walls and ceiling in various rooms, bathroom repairs, fixing the garage door and painting it, repairing plumbing in the kitchen and other kitchen repairs. After two days of repairs, the Delphi volunteers went and volunteered at a home in Pontiac.


National Rebuild Day 2018

On April 28th, Rebuilding Together Southeast Michigan had our annual rebuild blitz day called National Rebuild Day. Many Rebuilding Together affiliates participate on this day, blitz renovating many homes in their respective areas. The day started when, in 1971, a group of neighbors in Texas saw one of their own struggling to keep up with the maintenance on their home. They came together and performed many repairs on their neighbor’s home, calling it Christmas in April. Afterward, the neighbors formed a group after the same name and many years later, changed their name to Rebuilding Together, to reflect the many kinds of neighbors that participate.


Sanctum House Project

On October 21st,2017 Rebuilding Together Southeast Michigan helped a nonprofit organization that provides a sanctuary for women survivors of human trafficking called Sanctum House. Together, there was a total overhaul of the new facility that offers a much needed safe space in the world. 

Sanctum House was founded in 2017 to empower survivors of human trafficking with life skills to achieve a sustainable and independent lifestyle. Their founder Edee Franklin and Board member Christina Alvaro met with Rebuilding Together Southeast Michigan Board and staff to ask if we could assist them in preparing their new building to open as a safehouse.


Cricket Wireless 2017 Project

On October 28, Cricket Wireless volunteers gathered at the Cass Community Social Services building in Detroit to help refurbish their gym. After gathering inside, the group started their work, with the majority working in the gym. Volunteers worked on cleaning dust off the gym pads, behind the grated windows and floors. When they finished cleaning up around the gym, the volunteers started on the walls, using ladders, paintbrushes and rollers with extension rods to reach the high walls above the padding.


Eaton Project Day 1 and 2

On May 10th and 11th, volunteers from Eaton Corporation worked at the Bedford Woods Park in Southfield. Volunteers gathered early in the brisk morning to huddle and to go over the work scope to rebuild this wonderful park. On the first day, volunteers broke off after the huddle, separating themselves into three teams.



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