You may have seen recently that Rebuilding Together Southeast MI is urgently looking to receive homeowner applications from the neighborhood of Mapleridge in District 4 of Detroit. We wanted to take a minute to explain what that is all about! Michigan State Housing Development Authority has awarded us a $15,000 grant to be put toward 5 low-income family homes in the neighborhood of Mapleridge to be used by the end of the 2020 year. We are working to use these funds to assist with mainly exterior repairs such as gutter/fascia board replacement, porch structure/foundation repair, front step repair/handrail installation, chimney tuck pointing, roof patching/repair, exterior siding replacement, window replacement and door replacement along with a few interior repairs such as water heater and furnace replacements.

Many times, exterior repairs can be overlooked because you spend all of your time inside the home and find things that need fixing on the interior. However, most don’t quite realize the extensive damage that can be done to the home if the exterior is not safe and functioning properly. Not having a solid and porch structure and steps with handrails leads to devastating falls and injuries for elderly homeowners. Without a sealed roof that sheds water properly and functioning gutters, the house can get leaks, flooding and many other issues that lead to weakening of the foundation. Rather than letting these things go unnoticed, we do a full home inspection of every eligible applicant that we plan to work on so that our program manager can properly identify what the greatest needs of the house are to make sure it is as safe to live in as possible.

We are still currently looking for a few more homeowner applications in the Mapleridge neighborhood, zip code 48205. If you have any questions regarding our program or would like to apply, you can email us at or call in at 313-766-4010. You can find an online and printable application on our website under the “Our Service” tab.