A Busy Day of [Re]Building

A Busy Day of [Re]Building

          October 19th, 2019 was a very busy day for Rebuilding Together Southeast Michigan and Christ Church Grosse Pointe. Simultaneously, volunteers from both organizations worked together to rebuild not one, not two, but three homes in the Jefferson-Chalmers neighborhood of Detroit. 

          The main build of the day was at a family home, where more than 40 Christ Church Grosse Pointe volunteers spent all day accomplishing a large variety of tasks. By the end of the day, volunteers had repaired the kitchen floor, installed insulation and drywall into the living room, dining room, and kitchen, removed and replaced the kitchen cabinets and sink, replaced the fascia paneling on the garage, painted the garage, removed standing fence posts, and re-secured the basement steps. 

          Meanwhile, a few blocks away, 8 Christ Church Grosse Pointe volunteers went back to do more work on the Detroit woman’s home they had served back in September. Here, they painted the living room ceiling, touched up the living room wall paint, painted the garage door and the back of the garage, stabilized the fence, installed a bathroom vanity light, and installed a ceiling fan. They had a great time going back to Darlene’s home and working on completing a project they had started a month earlier. 

          Lastly, a group of volunteers from Rebuilding Together Southeast Michigan were hard at work at the home of a 100-year-old World War II Veteran. At his home, volunteers worked together to clean the upstairs, remove water-damaged portions of the ceiling, install fire and CO2 detectors, and change light bulbs. They completed a lot of great things, and it was felt good to be able to serve someone who served the country.


         Overall, it was a super productive and successful day of rebuilding. It was incredible to be able to put on a project that was more wide-spread than just one house. Thank you to Christ Church Grosse Pointe and all of their hard-working volunteers for making this possible. 



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