The Rebuilding Together Volunteer Experience: Giving a Hand Up

The Rebuilding Together Volunteer Experience: Giving a Hand Up

           On Wednesday, September 11th, Rebuilding Together Southeast Michigan partnered with Wells Fargo to do home repairs on homeowner Darlene’s home in Madison Heights. With a team 15 volunteers strong, we had a productive and fun day working together on the cherished home. Overall, we successfully landscaped the front and back yards, cleaned the walls and ceiling in the kitchen, replaced the bathroom floor, vanity, and mirror, repaired the shed, replaced the kitchen fan and light, and added an address plaque. For house captain of the project, Joann, this is her fourth year of volunteering with Rebuilding Together. As house captain, she held various responsibilities in making the volunteer day happen and run smoothly.

          During the build, Joann worked hard landscaping Darlene’s front yard and painting the shed (with a glowing attitude the entire time). When asked what motivated her to come and volunteer, she said, “I’m more than happy to provide people with a hand up instead of a handout. You never know when you can fall on bad times – it can happen to anybody. So, we’re more than happy to help.” She also elaborated on Wells Fargo’s service initiatives, explaining that they’re extremely committed to the community and always honored to give back. Her exact summary of her volunteer experience that day was “It’s been wonderful. That’s why we keep coming back to work with you guys.” All together, Joann led the Wells Fargo team in doing amazing things for Darlene’s home and we are thrilled with the success of the project. From Rebuilding Together, we’d like to give Joann and the whole Wells Fargo team a BIG thank you! 



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