A Word From Alexis

A Word From Alexis

         I am Alexis Bruce a recent college graduate from the University of Michigan-Dearborn, where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Urban and Regional Studies. Growing up near Detroit’s Historic Boston-Edison District where there was an extreme diversity in housing and housing issues, I have always been intrigued by housing in Detroit. Throughout my college career, I have worked with organizations such as Detroit Eviction Defense and Habitat for Humanity, where I was exposed to some of the hardship that homeowner’s faced which furthered my interest in housing. With observation, experience, and research I began looking for an organization that I could join to help relieve some of the housing issues in my community. This brought me to AmeriCorps Rebuilding Together Southeast Michigan. 

        In August of 2019, I had the opportunity to attend national training in Tacoma, Washington which solidified that I was in the right place. During this eye-opening experience, I was allowed to network with other AmeriCorps members from across the country who began this journey with similar passions and diverse backgrounds which allowed people to contribute in different capacities.  Paired with two build days where I was afforded the opportunity to help fix a floor, rework a dryer vent, replace a window, and clean the gutters of an elder couple’s home, who were beyond thankful for our help. Working in the field to help repair someone’s home was a humbling experience that I shall cherish for a lifetime because it allowed me to feel as if I was making a difference, it illustrated the importance of community, and reminded me that there were still people in the world. 

        Now that I have settled into my home site of Southeast Michigan I am looking forward to engaging in as many projects as possible, furthering my knowledge and passions on housing in the state of Michigan, and contributing my service to the improvement of Rebuilding Together.



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