Wells Fargo Project

Wells Fargo Project

When a few good people come together and put in a little hard work, good things can happen. Good things were happening at the Keaton home in Southfield thanks to a great group of volunteers. On Friday, September 21st, we teamed up with a group of awesome people from Wells Fargo through their volunteer program, Wells Fargo Volunteers, to help out a very deserving family.

We always appreciate it when busy people take a day off to help a homeowner in need. There is no doubt that the folks from Wells Fargo could have been at the office getting work done. Instead, they took the time to come help a neighbor in need.

As for the project itself, there was work being done all over the house on what turned out to be a balmy Friday. On the inside of the house, volunteers worked diligently and carefully to paint the kitchen and dining room. They made sure to cover everything, careful not to get paint on the floors and furniture. Upstairs, a few of the volunteers worked to clear out unwanted furniture from the bedroom, clearing space and making the room more accessible.

On the outside, there was plenty of work to go around. Several volunteers worked tirelessly to remove overgrown bushes from the front and side of the house. Removing the roots turned out to be quite the endeavor, but they persisted nonetheless. After they had removed the bushes, they put in a lovely landscaping bed.

Around the corner of the house, a few volunteers worked to expand the gate to the backyard. This will allow the Keatons lawn service to get to the backyard without charging them extra, as they had been doing due to the small opening.

All in all, it was a successful day. We would like to extend a big thanks to all of the volunteers from Wells Fargo. They did a great job and really made a difference. As always, we thank the homeowners for welcoming us and the volunteers into their home!

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