On October 11, 2017, Plex Systems employees came together to help Everlina, a homeowner in Oak Park, rebuild her home. Despite the torrential downpours that day, the volunteers came ready to complete the work scope which included cleaning the gutters, re-grading the sides of the home with dirt and grass seeds, cutting down backyard foliage, installing new handles on the back door, putting down concrete in the cracks in the driveway and front pathway, installing railing at the back steps, installing new plumbing fixtures and fixing the lighting in the kitchen.

Volunteers split off into a few different groups, with one group inside and another two outside, dealing with the trimming of foliage and using dirt and grass seed to stop water from draining into the sides of the home. Another group worked on patching up cracked areas in the front walkway and driveway with cement. A third worked on the back door and steps, installing a new stair rail, fixing one of the loose support pillars for the deck covering and putting on a new door lock and handle.

Inside the house, volunteers worked on the plumbing, attaching new fixtures to the sink and bathtub. They also worked on the kitchen lighting and one handy volunteer found out why one of her fixtures had not worked in years. The wires were frayed from long ago and an electrician was recommended. Meanwhile, another two volunteers installed energy efficient light bulbs and a new covering. The volunteers from Plex also patched holes in the kitchen walls and painted them.

Volunteers downstairs removed an old refrigerator that was in Everlina’s basement for several years. They also patched and caulked areas were cracking and water damage had occurred. Once they were done, the volunteers ended the day, saying their goodbyes to Everlina, cleaning up and returning home.



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