Delphi Project Days 1 and 2:

Delphi Project Days 1 and 2:

In May, Delphi Technologies volunteers worked on two homes, one on May 10th and the other on May 18th. On May 10th, volunteers served Steven Haley, a Madison Heights homeowner with a disability and also of extremely low income. The repairs on his home included carpet replacement and removal, painting the walls and ceiling in various rooms, bathroom repairs, fixing the garage door and painting it, repairing plumbing in the kitchen and other kitchen repairs. After two days of repairs, the Delphi volunteers went and volunteered at a home in Pontiac.

On the 18th, Delphi volunteers arrived and worked at Carol Wilkins’ home in Pontiac. After meeting with the homeowner and having a team huddle, volunteers separated off into different groups. Three groups worked on the exterior, with one working on re-grading the sides of the house and putting down mulch in the gardens. The second group worked on cutting down overgrowth foliage and putting in flowers in various pots and in the garden beds on both sides. The third group painted the exterior window frames and sills, as well as the frame on the garage’s door. Once done, the exterior groups put down solar lamps on the sides of the home, matching Carol’s neighbor next door.

A volunteer also helped with the storm lightning at the front porch, fixing it so it can illuminate the area at night. Another fixed the front and side door locks, making it safer for Carol. After that was done, volunteers helped install a new stair railing for her porch steps, lessening the chances of Carol or anyone coming to her home falling down them.

Inside, two groups worked on the flooring in the kitchen. The floors were over 30 years old and showed signs of cracking and popping up. Volunteers working on the kitchen pulled up the old flooring and cleaned up the glue to prepare to install the new flooring. Another group worked in the second bedroom, patching up and putting kilz on the blue walls to prepare for the new paint.
After working on Carol’s home, the Delphi Technologies volunteers completed their project, giving Carol the home repairs she desperately needed.



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