Eaton Project Day 1 and 2

Eaton Project Day 1 and 2

On May 10th and 11th, volunteers from Eaton Corporation worked at the Bedford Woods Park in Southfield. Volunteers gathered early in the brisk morning to huddle and to go over the work scope to rebuild this wonderful park. On the first day, volunteers broke off after the huddle, separating themselves into three teams.

The first team went around the park, painting areas that had been faded by weather and time such as park benches, trash cans, and foul poles. They even painted areas on the playground, touching up faded and chipped away areas on the playscape. A volunteer also went and fixed the bike bench, painting it with a rust-resistant paint.

The second group worked on the mulch on the playground, transporting them from the gravel parking lot by park vehicle and spreading the mulch around with rakes. Afterward, the group began to spread slag and gravel onto the park paths.

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The third group worked on the baseball diamonds, fixing them and putting new concrete around posts that had become loose over the years, helping to make them a safe place to play America’s pastime. They also reinstalled the park benches around the diamond that other volunteers had painted, fortifying them with new cement and wood planks.

The next day, despite the rain, the hard working volunteers from Eaton returned to finish the work. They started painting the park wall, covering much of the graffiti as they could before the rain came pouring down. Another group finished the mulching of the playground and the painting of the jungle gyms. A volunteer offered to repaint the park sign, turning the letters on it from red to blue.
The work, unfortunately, was stopped after the rain came down in a torrent. Despite this, much of the work was completed and we hope to work with the Eaton Corporation next year.



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